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Integrated Pest Management

The goal of Medwick pest controls Integrated Pest Management is to satisfy all of your pest control needs while using minimal or often no pesticides.

Pest Control

Medwick Pest Control Service for Your Business or home. Medwick Pest Control Offers, Weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, 24/7 pest control services for your business or home

Cockroaches, Insects, mice and rats. They contaminate food with droppings and urine, spreading diseases. Cockroaches are a public health concern because they may carry Salmonella bacteria which may cause food poisoning. These indoor pests can adapt to most any environment, and almost anything is a food source for them

Medwick Pest Control has a solution to your pest problems. Included are Rats, Mice, Cockroaches, Pavement Ants, Silverfish, Earwigs, Centipedes and Millipedes.

Flying Insects

Flies threaten your health, spread bacteria and disease and contaminate your food. Flies can exist under many conditions.

Medwick eliminates existing fly populations as quickly as possible. We identify the underlying source or sources of the problem including structural and/or sanitation issues that support pest activity.


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Don’t be Bugged by multi legged critters! Medwick Pest Control Is a Family Owned, Ohio department of agricultural Licensed exterminating service. We offer rates lower than big advertised corporate and national companies. We are small enough to make sure your pest control services is never rushed and is done right, yet big enough to handle even the largest of jobs. Medwick Pest Control has been providing outstanding pest control services for homes and businesses.

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