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Medwick Pest Control employees are fully trained pest management technicians. Our technicians receive periodic advanced training that meets or exceeds Department of Agriculture requirements.


Medwick Pest Controls technicians are dedicated to safety, reliability, and family values. They have made Medwick the most trusted name in pest control in northeast Ohio

Articulate Quality

Medwick Pest Control is very articulate in there quality control audits of there own company standards and services. If our work audits don’t measure up to our founding family value standards then we will automatically correct them for the satisfaction of our customer.  If it’s not good enough for Medwick Pest Control then it’s not good enough for our customer.

Old Country Values

Peter Kolomichuk and Brenda Kolomichuk, founders of Medwick Pest Control and happily married for 39 years, were both raised by there parents with old country standards. Good, honest, hard work for an honest dollar. Treat your neighbors and your customers like they were family.


Medwick Pest Control, LLC
414 Judita Dr‎.
Brunswick, OH 44212

Phone: (440) 241-6865

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Don’t be Bugged by multi legged critters! Medwick Pest Control Is a Family Owned, Ohio department of agricultural Licensed exterminating service. We offer rates lower than big advertised corporate and national companies. We are small enough to make sure your pest control services is never rushed and is done right, yet big enough to handle even the largest of jobs. Medwick Pest Control has been providing outstanding pest control services for homes and businesses.

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